Heavenly blue

5 08 2007

The top middle image is a shot of the massive morning glory takeover of the side of the house last year. The morning I shot this I counted over 300 blooms. It is truly a sight to take your breath away!


© 2007 Cindy Dyer, All rights reserved. www.cindydyer.com/GardenPhotos




4 responses

15 04 2010

Absolutely stunning. Do you happen to have a rough idea of how many seeds need to be planted to get a result like that? Gorgeous!

18 05 2010

2 or 3 packages will probably give you this many. I usually plant 1 package and have a huge mound about half this size. Do soak them the night before for best results. Good luck 🙂

18 05 2010

Also, for really good results water quite a bit to establish plant growth, but once the plant is growing well, say around 4 feet tall, start to cut way back on water. You can almost stop watering all together. Water makes the plant grow lushly, but the flowers start budding after you start neglecting them. Have had these every year for about 20 years. They always did well, but once I became privy to this information they thrived.

11 09 2010

mine is still in full colour every morning all around the garden shed, loving it!

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