Color Magic Rose

1 09 2007

I photographed this gorgeous (and intensely fragrant) hybrid tea rose at Filoli last week. This one is very sensitive to sunlight and turns different colors depending on how much it gets. Z 6-10, continual bloom, 35 petals

Class: Hybrid Tea Rose (Modern Large Flowered)
Hybridizer/Date: Warriner, USA 1978 Introduced by Jackson and Perkins
Fragrance: Mild, fruity
Awards: All America Rose Selection 1978


© 2007 Cindy Dyer, All rights reserved.



4 responses

25 09 2008
Walter Boone

I live in Newton, NC where I have recently moved and where I am starting a new rose garden. I had the color magic in my last garden but am having trouble finding a source. Can you help? Your photography of the rose is outstanding!


27 04 2010

Wow! Fabulous!

8 03 2011

Rose is King of flowers.

10 09 2012
susan sheldon nolen

Wow that is gorgeous! I love roses but do we get black spot here!

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