Ah, Grasshopper…

7 09 2007

Garden observation, Sept. 7, 2007, 2:34 p.m. I was out watering the front garden and this little guy flew by me and landed in a perfect place to be photographed. I did a little research and he might be a “lesser migratory grasshopper,” or a “Russianthistle Grasshopper.”

He/she looks like this one: http://www.wygisc.uwyo.edu/grasshopper/mesa.htm

Most of the sites I researched seem to be geared toward eradicating them. I don’t plan on doing so….of course, I don’t have income-producing crops in my front yard, either.


© 2007 Cindy Dyer, All rights reserved.   www.cindydyer.com/GardenPhotos



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