Ahhh…so this is what peace looks like

19 10 2007

Peace rose in Debbi’s garden—Debbi noted that with the changes in weather from cool to hot to cool, her roses are changing colors in an unusual way, such as darker pink edges on some blooms and not on others.


© Cindy Dyer, All rights reserved. www.cindydyer.com/GardenPhotos




3 responses

19 10 2007

Beautiful colors! I love it.

19 10 2007
Micah Tillman


28 10 2010

Is it just my imagination, or do I see a hooded figure in the center of this beautiful bloom? Is it a woman modestly covering her face with a burqa? Is it perhaps a suicide bomber pining for his promised seventy-two virgins? Or could it be a Klansman hiding among the folds of the rose petals?

Nah, none of those—it’s only a child, ringing doorbells on Halloween night in search of a sweet handout from a friendly neighbor.

Nice shot, Cindy, and a nice tribute to Debbie’s prowess in growing roses. This comment is somewhat belated, given the fact that you posted the photo some three years ago—oh, well, better late than never!

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