Carmen’s Friendship Garden

21 10 2007

© Cindy Dyer, All rights reserved.




One response

21 10 2007
Micah Tillman

I really like this picture-whose-parts-are-pictures thing. (That was an articulate comment on my part!) Forces one to think not only about the composition of each picture, but of the composition of the work as a whole.

I especially like the contrast in the third “row” between the leaf-detail and the flowers-against-the sky. Clearly we are looking in opposite directions (downward upon the leaf, toward the ground, and upward from the ground towards the sky).

And the diamond-shape of the subjects in both of the right-most pictures on the 4th row (your friend with her arms in that position and the cat’s head). Putting them side-by-side brings out the structure.

I’m sure I’d notice more if I looked for long enough. But I should get back to grading my students’ papers. 🙂

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