Great Adventure #927

5 01 2008

Sue arrived in San Antonio for a visit yesterday (Jan. 4). Today Dad and I took her with us on “Great Adventure #927,” which began with a drive to Kerrville, Texas. We started with a buffet lunch at the Inn of the Hills (, followed by browsing at their gallery shops. Then we took her to one of our favorite places, the Cowboy Artists of America Museum (

The building alone is worth a visit even if you’re not a diehard western art lover! The museum is located on ten acres of land and the site overlooks the Guadalupe River. The 14,366-square-foot building was designed to blend with the southwestern environment and was built entirely of materials from the region (the mesquite wood floors are absolutely gorgeous!). It contains a number of galleries, a library that with an extensive video collection, a lecture gallery, and a guest house and studio for the use of member artists. The main exhibits change approximately every three months.

After we left Kerrville, it was on to Fredericksburg, where we took Sue to the Fredericksburg Herb Farm ( Nothing much is growing (or blooming) at this time of the year, but we managed to pass a 1/2 hour away despite that fact. We drove to Main Street where we browsed the shops for about an hour before heading home for Mom’s infamous fried chicken dinner.

Photo captions: Dad and Sue outside the museum; Sue swinging at the Herb Farm; Dad and Sue in front of the Herb Farm restaurant; the Herb Farm’s resident feline, Maple; Dad swinging at the Herb Farm; the photographer in the gazing ball; red berries outside a tea shop in Fredericksburg; homeowner association nightmare Christmas decorations at a home near the Fredericksburg Herb Farm.

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.


For more adventures with Sue, view my June and August 2007 archives! 



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