Crafty room divider screen

18 01 2008

While working on organizing my massive (and ever-growing) photo archives, I came across this photo I shot of a divider screen that I crafted for Michael’s sister, Nancy several years ago as a craft room-warming present…thought I’d share the project. She has a huge den/family room in her Pataskala, Ohio home and wanted to have a moveable divider between her sewing/craft/weaving room and the “man den” used by her husband and three sons. She already had the bi-fold closet doors; I just purchased all the items to turn it into a storage screen. This is the first one I’ve done and her son Tim was my righthand man during the process. We built a padded French memo/photo board on the first panel, a cork bulletin board on the 2nd panel, a fabric covered pocket panel (with gardening pots hanging at the top for additional storage), chalkboard-painted center panels, a magnetic bulletin board and chalkboard eraser storage cup on the next panel, and the last two panels had shoe storage organizers hanging on them (the background of the last panel was a freehand painting I did to continue the pattern of the corkboards on panel 2). Tim and I painted, tacked, hot glued, and hinged the entire thing together. The project was a lot of fun to create.

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22 01 2008
scott aaron

Wow. That is one of the more creative room dividers I have seen!

I found your site via a google search. I’m always looking for fun room divider ideas.

I like what looks to be pots hanging to be a catch all.

Our Commercial room dividers are not quite so creative.

I’m going to have to tag this post and blog about it. Thank you for sharing.

28 05 2008

I don’t know how I missed this posting but that is incredibly creative on your part, Cindy. Talk about making the most use of space and function!

23 06 2008

Wow, what a creative mind!! I’m stunned to see your very beautifully decorated room divider. I give similar decoration suggestions in my blog,

26 10 2010
dawn piepenburg

Great idea! I am just seeing this on 10/25/10 because of newsletter I get from a Stay Organized site.

I have a really beautiful bronze screen that I was thinking I could line with a nice fabric and something firm (it will show through the slats and open spaces on the screen) and then on that fabric create the same type of panels.

Thanks again — dawn

2 11 2010
Mary C.

This is awesome! A link was posted on Jeri’s site, so I had to come check this out! I don’t have enough money to buy things, but I could sure make something! Thank you for the great idea, Cindy!

3 10 2011
Clint Rowley

Very awesome room divider. I bet that would make a fun project for the kids to work on as well.

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