Rudy Tooty Fresh & Fruity

17 02 2008

This is Rudy. He lives across the street from mom and dad. His predecessor was Ralph. Ralph loved staying at the neighbor’s house next to mom’s and started spending more time with them than he did at his own home. So they adopted him. The original owners then went out and got an almost identical cat and named him Rudy (they have a thing for names beginning with “R”). Occasionally Ralph and Rudy cross each other’s paths and there’s a mock duel going on across the yard. There’s something about mom and dad’s house that draws cats to their front porch. Rudy comes running from the hedges as soon as he hears us unlock the door. And because I can’t simply call a cat by his given name, he has been nicknamed ‘Rudy Tooty Fresh & Fruity.’ He is the most loveable cat you will ever meet. He’s well-fed and I assume the owners let him inside when it gets really cold, but honestly I would keep him indoors if he were mine. The street is too busy with fast cars and he’s too sweet to be left to the elements, even in balmy Texas. It was hard to photograph him because he wanted to be petted and kept putting his head up to the lens (hence the wide angle look to his face). So, this is the best I got that day.

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.




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