20 02 2008

While I was shooting the “snow on birdhouses” photo (below), I heard a creaking sound behind me. I turned to see the bird feeder swinging wildly back and forth. I thought to myself, “hmmm…but there’s no wind….” and then I looked up and saw this little guy scampering off. There’s no such thing as a squirrel-proof bird feeder.

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21 02 2008
Jennifer H.

The squirrels drive my mom nuts. She’s tried everything & you’re right . . . there’s no such thing as a squirrel-proof bird feeder. Great pic, even if he was stealing from the birds!

Jennifer 🙂

1 12 2009
Teresa Hisey


Very impressed that someone has finally admitted there is no such thing as a squirrel-proof feeder. Our web site is “Work-in-Progress”. My father has designed and, in my opinion, perfected the most beautiful birdhouses & feeders.

We handcraft two sizes of birdfeeders and three styles of houses. All are displayed on top of a 6′ – 4″ vinyl post, which seems to really frustrate the local squirrels (they tend to slide down the smooth surface).

If a feeder, of any design, is placed too close to a tree or fence, etc., the crafty squirrels will jump far enough to get their share of the food. My father, being the brilliant man that he is, has out-smarted the squirrels by placing one of his metallic copper top feeders in the center of his front yard. Fortunately, squirrels can’t jump that far. Yes they have tried with no success.

A birdfeeder is only as “Squirrel Proof” as the owner. Seems to be true with many things in life.


PS – I love your photos – do you have any pics of blue jays or red cardinals?

23 02 2011

thanks for sharing this wonderful post

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