Aspens in Sedona

27 02 2008

Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona, Arizona…Oct. 20, my 30th “milestone” birthday…Dad climbing an apple tree and shaking apples down for our afternoon snack…perfect fall weather, perfect fall light…fallen red leaves in the dry river bed…vibrant yellow Aspens against a clear blue sky…by far my most memorable birthday, bar none. Thanks, Dad.

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.




One response

1 03 2008
Hershel Dyer

It’s also my most memorable birthday – let’s do it again (I may not climb quite as high in that apple tree, but I will climb it).

Thanks for the memories, Cindy.

P.S. That phrase, “Thanks for the memories,” has been haunting me ever since I wrote it. For some reason it really resonates with me – I believe I’ll add a few lines and then set it to music. Who knows what might happen – with the right words and the right singer, it could go straight to the top of the charts.

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