Gigglebean with parrot and sugar glider

30 03 2008

During my surprise (short!) visit to San Antonio this past weekend, a group of us went to Willie’s for an early dinner. As we were leaving, we met Len Little, a.k.a. “The Birdman of San Antonio,” his parrot Polly (of course), and a sugar glider. Len is a bird trainer and provides entertainment for parties, day cares, and other organizations. ( or 210.387.2510).

Since I had three different cameras with me and knew I could get a decent shot, we offered up my niece Lauren (nicknamed Gigglebean by me in her toddler days) as the guinea pig for the Birdman’s tricks (thanks for being a good sport, girl!). She even let Polly hang from her earlobe and the sugar glider crawl up the front of her shirt. Anything for a good shot, I always say!

A sugar glider is a small, nocturnal marsupial native to Australia and Indonesia. To learn more about these cute little critters, go to or read all about them here: After reading about the care, feeding, and specific needs of these exotic animals (as well as the downside to having them as pets), I don’t think I’ll be adding them to our menagerie any time soon!

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7 responses

6 07 2008
ginger beans

dude i met that guy tonite. why doesnt he have a website? why??!!??!?!

21 02 2009

Could you email me this picture? Every once in a while, I tell people about this, and I get the feeling that they don’t believe me…..

22 05 2009

We ran into this gentleman at the home depot. he is incredibly sweet and entertaining. The Sugar glider was adorable and the parrot tricks were awesome!

We received one of his business cards and with our daughters first birthday coming up are considering hiring him.

7 09 2009
elaine briseno

I wanted to know if yall sell any sugar gliders? and if you do what would be the price range?

7 09 2009

Hi Elaine,

I’m just the photographer—I don’t have (or sell) sugar gliders. You can probably find someone locally in San Antonio that sells them. I’ve seen classifieds online where they sell for about $100. Here’s a posting I just saw:

I will say, though, that even though we considered getting one (we have had ferrets in the past and just loved them), they require FAR too much attention and are VERY clingy….to the point of you have to make sure you don’t actually SIT on them. They are as clingy as a 2-year old. I just can’t handle that much togetherness…not to mention—-most people just let them “do their duty” anywhere in the house, including ON YOU. As cute as they are, I’m not ready for that much responsibility and mess!

13 08 2010

He does have a website. I know because I am the one who set it up for him!!!

19 08 2010

Thanks for the link, Bob. I’ll add it to that posting!

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