Bionic Woman = Cover Girl

7 04 2008

This past Saturday I had the honor of photographing Abbie, who drove down from New Jersey just to be photographed for the cover of the next issue of Hearing Loss Magazine. She brought along her cousin, Patty, who ended up being my right-hand woman during the photo shoot (kudos, Patty, for your art direction, wardrobe selections, and for organizing the wardrobe rack for me!). After getting the requisite cover shots out of the way, we moved on to the “Vogue” sessions. Even though she swears she has never modeled, Abbie took directions beautifully and was such a joy to photograph. The last photo shows Abbie with her cousin (and my extraordinary assistant), Patty. Thanks, Abbie & Patty, for a wonderfully creative day!

Check out Abbie’s blog about her cochlear implant journey here:

Learn more about the Hearing Loss Association of America here:

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6 responses

7 04 2008

AWESOME!!!!!!! Our Abbie’s gorgeous (and gonna be famous! ;)) You did a great job, Cindy…you had a great model, did ya?
Thanks for sharing them with us!!!!!!

7 04 2008

Whoa! someone needs to get this girl and photog an agent!

7 04 2008

My jaw literally dropped to the floor when I saw these pictures! You are an amazing photographer and an absolutely wonderful person! I felt so comfortable with you! I had a blast and it was a day I will never forget!

*picking jaw up from the floor*

They are absolutely amazing!

7 04 2008

GREAT WORK. I love the pictures you made for Abbie.


8 04 2008
Mike Royer

GREAT JOB CINDY Love it; the colors, pose.. everything blends naturally!

8 04 2008
Debbie Brooks

Terrific shots Cindy, between you and your assistant Abby’s cousin Patty, you guys put it all together and our Abbie just did what came natural in looking outrageously gorgeous.

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