Uh-oh, gotta have one of these now

11 04 2008

I really should be in bed now but after a full day of design work on the computer, I’m still up, restless and can’t sleep, so I’ve been perusing gardening blogs and bulb sites. Then this caught my eye and I’m thinking I must add at least one to my garden. I can just imagine the size of the hole I would have to dig to make a home for one of these bulbs (who am I kidding? I’d beg Michael to dig them for me). And they’re pricey, too. (Just imagine how sad you would be if your green thumb failed you on this purchase!). They’re “Giant white squills,” a plant I’ve never even heard about (and which I now seriously covet). The bulbs are each ten years old, 8 inches across, and cost $25 each! Whoa.

Get ’em here:




2 responses

11 04 2008
Business Forum

now that is a very big bulb

11 04 2008

Guaranteed it won’t grow here! There is nothing sprouting in NJ yet and I’m not exactly holding my breath for it 🙂 plus my green thumb is not exactly green, more like black…

That is an absolutely gorgeous flower! I love tall flowering plants like that.

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