Snow(flakes) in the garden

17 04 2008

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.

Okay. I did my best to figure out which snowflake this is. I have failed you. So, if someone out there in blogging land can correctly identify (with footnotes, supporting evidence, etc.) this particular Snowflake, there will be a prize for your efforts.



5 responses

18 04 2008

They are really cute! I have not seen this type before, the shape reminds me of lamps from old days, made in Art nouveau style.

19 04 2008

So lovely and tender! Love the tiny green spots on the white petals. You have captured them beautifully against a black background.


21 04 2014
K. Lederman

Such beautiful photos, Cindy! You may know this by now, but these are actually Snowflakes, not Snowdrops. Snowflakes are Leucojum vernum, the Snowdrops are Galanthus….and could be several species.

28 05 2014

American Meadows, a plant retailer online, shared the following: Giant Snowdrops top out at 14-16″ and bloom in late spring. Plant in large clusters to create a dramatic effect. (Leucojum aestivum).

12 04 2015

I am stalking this plant. Thank you for the lead. Snowflakes!merrylololady@

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