Circular sun halo #1

19 04 2008

Carmen and I were in the Lewis Ginter Conservatory when I got a cell phone call from Michael to go out and look at the “rainbow around the sun!” The meter went crazy trying to set up a decent exposure pointed at the sun, of course, but I was able to get this shot just outside the conservatory entrance with a 100 ISO, aperture shut down to 22, and set to a 60th second exposure. My research has revealed that high cirrostratus clouds form the halo and this same cloud is on the advancing edge of warm fronts with their associated heavy rain. They can often be forecasters of rain, but that is not always the case. Whatever they are, they are otherwordly and really neat to witness (and hard to photograph!).

Not all colored patches in the sky are rainbows…click below:

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2 responses

20 02 2009
c clark

i disagree that this phenomenom is hard to photograph-i caught the very same image whilst in australia in feb 2009 just with a 8mp digital camera

21 02 2009

Hi Christine,

When I wrote “hard to photograph,” I meant that it was tricky because since it was so bright, I had to keep shutting down the aperture, ISO, and shutter speed before I could get the right exposure. Because I was essentially shooting into the sun, I had to do about a dozen combinations before I could get the correct exposure on my Nikon D300. After that, I had to increase the contract and darken the shadows a tiny bit in Photoshop to get better contrast. I think shooting it from different vantage points (and in different parts of the world) might have also helped you with your images. In general, for me it was a trickier shot to get than most. Maybe it was the time of day I was shooting, too.

I would love to see your shots. Do you have them posted somewhere?

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