Brookside Gardens

23 04 2008

Jeff and I had a field trip to Brookside Gardens today. We joined Pat and Delores (coordinators) and other members from the Mount Vernon Garden Club. It was a beautiful spring day with ample photo opportunities. Thanks, Pat and Delores, for making us feel right at home with your group! Brookside Gardens is an award-winning 50-acre public display garden situated within Wheaton Regional Park in Wheaton, Maryland. Visit Brookside at

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4 responses

24 04 2008
sue cummings

The one photo of all the pink/white flowers reminds me of a children’s class photo in which all the kids are facing the camera but one. It’s the flower in the lower mid left corner. What a cute and adorable photo this makes for me!

24 04 2008
Hershel Dyer

Your shot of the little girl running (or is she walking?) past the tulips is a classic, a Pulitzer-Prize-winning photograph – should be a poster or a Hallmark greeting card, or at the very least an April calendar photo. The scytheian curve of the bricks leads the viewer into, through and out of the scene – in fact, I keep running past her (my term for the curve may or may not be a word – I used it because I don’t remember its proper name).

Congratulations for a brilliantly composed shot, from a completely unbiased (?) viewer. You have captured (with the help of your camera, of course) a moment in time. The tulips will never wither and the little girl will never age – your photo has immortalized both.

24 04 2008

Wonderful variation of colours and different flowers, and the picture with the little girl is lovely.

24 04 2008
Pat Staffieri

… half of a tulip… the lip of a pansy. What beauty you have captured, Cindy. I am in awe of your photos. You are blessed with great talent. I can’t stop signing on to all of your websites to see your photos. Can it get any better than this!

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