Alliums in bloom!

25 04 2008

My ‘Purple Sensation’ alliums are beginning to bloom. I did some research (of course) and discovered there are nearly 400 ornamental allium species! Allium is a member of the same family as garlic, onions and chives. These sun-loving blooms look like a cluster of lollipops when you plant them en masse. They’re one of my favorite things to grow. These May-blooming alliums come back every year and are about 20-30 inches tall. They’re also fun to photograph in their various stages of bloom, from the ready-to-burst sheaths to full flower to past-their-peak. At the last stage, they resemble koosh balls (and feel springy like them, too!).

What is a koosh ball, you ask?

Learn more about growing ornamental alliums here:

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One response

25 04 2008

Koosh balls are great fun, as are your photos. Just beautiful! I’d like to add you to my blogroll, Cindy, but would like to know where you’re located. City or just the state would be fine.

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