Blooming in the garden today…

30 04 2008

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.

Top photo: Osteospermum Sunscape Daisy (Osteospermum ecklonis). Originating from South Africa, these daisy-like flowers come in a wide range of colors and in my Zone 7 region they are grown as annuals. In milder climates, they can be grown as perennials. For more information about Osteospermum, visit:

Bottom photo: Perennial Cornflower or Mountain Bluet (Centaurea montana) against a blue glazed pot background. It is a perennial form of Bachelor’s Button and blooms late spring to midsummer. It self-seeds and prefers moist soil in sun or partial shade, and can be divided in the fall.



3 responses

30 04 2008
Peter Witham

Just wanted to say great shots. Never seen anything like these plants before–beautiful.

1 05 2008

Simply marvelous……..

5 05 2008

Fantastic, especially the top photo. I have never seen this plant from that angle, it reminds me of water plants.

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