Hungry baby Robins

2 05 2008

I shot this photo of baby Robins last spring. The nest was in the crabapple tree just outside our kitchen window. Robin eggs are the most beautiful shade of pale blue green, one of my favorite colors.

Here’s an excellent website with FAQs about the American Robin:

A day-to-day journal of baby Robins here:

Here’s a really great video of a baby Robin hatching:

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One response

2 05 2008

Oh that’s so cute! Their mouths don’t change as they grow. My mom found a baby robin hopping down the middle of a road hear our house once and brought it home since there were no trees around. It couldn’t quite fly. I raised it and the thing I remember most is how BIG a mouth it had, and he was LOUD too. Always begging for worms to be dropped into that wide open mouth. I must have been 12 or 13 because I still had my hearing, I doubt I could hear one now, so high pitched!

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