Bearded Iris

3 05 2008

Several years ago, my friend Karen generously shared a huge box of bearded iris with us. We put the majority of the plants around our small pond in the backyard (I think they need dividing this year!) and the remainder in the front garden. I shot these images late this afternoon.

Learn about growing irises here:

There’s even a “Tall Bearded Iris Society” in Texas:

Check out the varieties this company sells:

I feel compelled to buy this one!

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.



One response

4 05 2008
Georgia O'Keeffe fan

Cindy, these images are worthy of Georgia O’Keeffe’s attention, especially the first shot. Georgia would love the symbolism, and would probably make a mint on the painting (I am, of course, a hard-core (?) admirer of Georgia O’Keeffe’s work, and my perception of floral images is definitely influenced by her paintings).

In the first shot – is that a porpoise rising from the depths to attack? And is that a seal, diving in an attempt to avoid the attack? This is a bit more “Wild Kingdom” than Georgia O’Keeffe, but the symbolism is still there (I won’t expand on it).

Hey, all seriousness aside, your photographs are brilliantly composed and executed – so when is the spiral-ring-bound engagement calendar coming out?

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