See Spot do a trick!

24 05 2008

Spot, our “$500 free fish,” gets into the oddest positions (such as his “Look Ma, no hands” headstand shown here) to hunt for yummy algae in the tank. There’s nothing to show you scale or size, but he’s over a foot long now! In the background, you see my other 55 gallon tank with two 59 cent Wal-Mart goldfish—Calico Joe (almost 11″ long) and Dorrie (8+” long). (Do you know how hard it is to measure a moving goldfish?) They used to be in the backyard pond, but we brought them in for the winter a few years ago. I’ve long since bonded with them, so in my studio they will stay.

Learn why we call Spot our “$500 free fish” here:

Learn more about plecos here:

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24 05 2008

I don’t understand what the “$500 free fish” means… Plecos are like $5 or less at fish stores around here. Maybe not that big, but still.

Comment from Cindy: If you read the story that’s linked in this post, you’ll find out how many things we purchased as a result of getting this “free” fish from a friend. A broken tank necessitated a new tank. Putting the goldfish in a matching tank made the bank of aquariums look better. That required a big tank, too. Both tanks needed new stands. One needed a new light fixture. The bigger tanks required larger pumps. Then Michael wanted Spot to have company, so he purchased gouramis. As each batch didn’t make it, he added new ones. That’s why I call him our “$500 free fish.” By the time we got everybody settled in, we had spent close to $500. Hope this clears things up for you!

7 06 2008
The Goldfish Guy

Yeah, at first I was lost, too. $500 free fish? Thanks for clearing this up, Cindy. You got a great deal; a FREE fish for $500 😉

Nice fish, though 🙂 That pleco is huge!


Jamie Boyle
The Goldfish Guy

7 06 2008

Hey Jamie! Thanks for your comment. I’ll check out your site, too. Goldfish, huh? You should see the size of our goldfish! They’re almost as large as Spot! The 29 gallon tank has 4 smaller goldfish that are only about 4 inches long.

7 06 2008

Just checked out Jamie’s “The Goldfish Guy” blog and it’s EXCELLENT! I’m adding you to my “resources” links on this site, Jamie. The information on diseases and treatment is going to come in handy!

Check out Jamie’s very informative blog at:

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