And now, back to those flowers…

25 05 2008

You should have known I wouldn’t stray too far away from the garden this time of the year, shouldn’t you?

Below: Rock Penstemon, Campanula ‘Wedding Bells’, Yellow Yarrow, Hot Pink Ice Plant, Rose Campion ‘Angel’s Blush’ (in bloom and foliage only photos), coral-colored geraniums, unknown Allium (I think), Lamb’s Ear and Johnny-Jump-ups, and a Niobe clematis in Regina’s garden.

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26 05 2008

Your flowers are lovely. My mail lady, Ms. Pearl, gave me a rose campion. I’d never seen them before. This one has silvery foliage and looks like lambs ears. It’s about to bloom, and Pearl says it’s pink. I enjoyed seeing yours and wonder if mine will look like it.

Cindy’s note: Hi Kim! Thanks for the comment. You’ll love your rose campion. A word of warning, though. This plant LOVES to travel; it spews seeds everywhere. So much so that about half the rose campions I have in that garden bed are volunteers—I didn’t plant them! They pop up in the cracks in the sidewalks so often that I always have plenty to give to fellow gardening friends. This plant will grow ANYWHERE. I have two colors, one is that white with pink center; the other is a deep, intense fuschia pink. Let me know if you experience the same thing with your rose campion and which color it ends up being. It has become one of my favorites in my garden because of the prolific self-seeding habit! And yes, it does look like a tall, skinny lamb’s ear plant. A lot of garden visitors think that’s what it is.

29 12 2009

wow, cool photos!!! I love geraniums!!!!
see my favorite flowers/garden sites

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