Duh…more flowers, of course!

25 05 2008

Yesterday was so balmy/beautiful/blue-skied that Michael and I decided to hit Green Spring Gardens again to see if there were any (new) photographic opportunities. Here are my results from our hour+ adventure.

Check out Green Spring Gardens here: http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/parks/gsgp/

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2 06 2008
Kitty Vanzant

It’s nice to have Michael Royer working with us at the Federal Citizen Information Center. Your work is excellent. It takes lots of intuitiveness to capture children the way you have–portrait artist that you are–of “all things bright and beautiful.” I love the “white-on-white” you used. So exacting is and your technique, that you captured the interest in the delicacy of the fabrics everyone is wearing. You managed to capture a sweet innocence of expressions in the children without anything “posed.” Thank you for sharing. I don’t know you, or where you live, but I really miss the antique peonies, Virginia bluebells, and bearded iris in my garden in Western Maryland. Save me a spot on your bench! I’d love to sit there with book and pillow, and read. Thanks for sharing.

2 06 2008

Kitty—What a lovely comment about the Royer family photos on my blog. I appreciate the time you took to craft it, too! The Royers were a joy to work with and yes, it does take some patience (and skill as well) to photograph children (especially YOUNG ones!), but the more I photograph them, the better I seem to get.

I’m in Northern Virginia, near the beltway/Springfield/Kingstowne area, in a townhouse community….and you’re welcome to come sit on the bench in the garden any time. If Michael didn’t tell you, you don’t even need to bring a book…my Michael and I are biblioholics and probably have well over 5,000 books in our home (I think I hear the 2nd floor creaking right now!), so you name the topic, we’ll probably have a book on it. (And yes, they’re organized by subject…are we obsessive or what?). Oh, and my Michael is an avid hot tea and iced tea drinker, so we have quite the collection of teas to complement your reading session. We’ve had a couple of people comment that they would love to come over and just sit in the chaise in the library and read. I tell them that is an extreme compliment to this bibilioholic and nester, but I’ve yet to have anyone actually do it. Wish they would….I even keep it clean and organized for those folks. Come on down….I’ll even put the cushions on the bench for ya!

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