Halleluiah light

17 06 2008

It’s official. I’m smitten with lilies. All colors, shapes, and sizes. Everywhere in our garden, both front and back yards, lilies are bursting open daily. I cannot tell you the names of any of those in bloom at the moment. All I know by name are the Stargazers and the Casablancas, both of which have not yet bloomed.

Every year I add more lily bulbs, despite the lack of real estate in the garden. They fill the empty spots in the beds and large pots. I am lured by the cheap price and abundant varieties…bags full of promise…pretty before they even show buds…heralding summer with sturdy green stems and large, showy, shouting flowers in every color imaginable…pretty and garden-filling even after the blooms are gone.

This sherbet-yellow-pink variety is outside my studio door, blooming by the Concord grape canopy, dappled in sunlight—casting and reflecting what I like to call “halleluiah!” light (cue in choir music here)…summed up in one word—yummy!

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.



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