How to: Fireworks in D.C. without the crowds

6 07 2008

Always wanted to see the fireworks in D.C. but heard so much about the crowds that you avoid it at all costs? I have the solution! Buy a $50 assortment pack of fireworks at Costco, invite a few dear friends (neighbors will join you or peep through the windows when they hear all the commotion), head to a cul-de-sac in your community, and fire away! Photograph the fireworks, add a shot of the Washington Monument (from your own archives, of course), and superimpose the two in Photoshop. Presto! It’s a grand celebration on the 4th of July without the crush of passengers in the metro, vying for a coveted spot on the grounds, the unsightly trash left behind, and the mad rush to get home.



3 responses

7 07 2008
Barbara Kelley

Cindy: I can’t wait to share this wisdom with Bill. You are amazing!

11 07 2008

Yes, doing fireworks at home has sufficed for me these past few years since Steve doesn’t want to fight the crowd. I, on the other hand, love a crowd and really big grand fireworks! I sat underneath the Washington Monument one year and WOW, it was well worth it. I just can’t find anyone to go with me and be among all that crowd. Life is short and some things are worth the effort.

11 07 2008

Sue, the 4th just wasn’t the same without you and Steve, shooting fireworks off in your cul-de-sac. The guy who bought your house stopped by to comment on my garden and we were talking about how nice your house was and why he bought it. He mentioned going through the house when they first looked at it…seeing the shiny Harleys in an oil-spot-free, eat-off-the-floor garage and then opening a closet and seeing nothing but fireworks. He said he thought to himself, “these people seem cool! Wish I could get to know them!” I told him you two ARE cool. Again, the 4th wasn’t the same, but we celebrated (in your honor) just as you would have!

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