wordle and how many of me

19 07 2008

Wordle is a really neat website that I found on Rik & Michelle’s blog. It takes text, a blog, an URL or RSS feed and creates a word cloud with the most frequently used words. With wordle you can customize your layout, color, font, or even let it generate at random. I had wordle generate some fun ones for me from this blog’s address—see the colorful and graphic selections below.

And here’s another neat site that Rik & Michelle found: www.howmanyofme. Pretty cool! I ran my name through it and discovered that there are 292,450 people in the U.S. named Cindy. There are 63,973 people with my last name, Dyer. And there are only 61 people in the U.S. named Cindy Dyer.

I ran Michael’s name through it and there are 4,022,709 Michael’s in the U.S. (it’s the 4th most popular first name!). Fewer than 335 people have his last name: Schwehr. And there are 4 or fewer with his entire name—Michael Schwehr. Oh, and just because I had a few more minutes to kill, I typed in…you guessed it…”John Doe.” There are (unbelievably) 300 people with that name. Try it for yourself!

I put Rik & Michelle’s blog on my blogroll some time ago because a) the postings are really fun to read, and b) they find the neatest links and share them with us. (Check it out when you get the chance). Thanks, Rik & Michelle! 



One response

19 07 2008

This wordle site is really neat. I could spend a lot of time playing with this. Thanks for the link and the mention of Rik & Michelle’s blog in your blogroll. I’ll check it out. I love these little apps. Never can tell when you will run across one that you can’t live without.

And, seems there are likely 2 or fewer named Baker Watson. Now that’s cool.

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