You Decide(d) 2008: the votes are in!

9 08 2008

Drum roll, please. Cover #1 wins by a landslide! Via e-mail, blog comments, telephone calls, in person votes, and man/woman/complete stranger on the street polls, Cover #1 received 34 votes, beating Cover 2 (with three votes) and Cover 3 (with five votes). Don’t ever say your vote doesn’t count!

Cover #1 will grace the September/October 2008 issue of Hearing Loss Magazine, which is in production now. I must confess that this is my favorite as well. (Did you notice it was the first one I prepared? I always go with my first instinct when I’m reviewing images from a session.) Why? In this photograph—“the eyes have it.” By the way, Patrick was a joy to photograph because he took direction well and heeded my advice on posing, facial expressions, etc. And to think he has never modeled!

Thank you to everyone who voted (and for taking the time to comment on why you chose which one you did).

Yes, I will post the “best of the best” photos from my next photo session with Patrick. 😉

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One response

10 08 2008
Hershel Dyer

Thanks for posting the voting results. It’s very gratifying to learn that so many viewers agreed with my choice — however, with a total of 94 votes cast, the 34 votes for #1 amount to only 36 percent of the total.

That means that a majority of the voters (64 percent) voted for a candidate other than #1 — it’s a landslide victory only when the winner is compared to individual losers.

A win is a win, of course, regardless of the percentages, as evidenced by our presidential election of 2000 in which the loser had more votes than the winner (I am neither complaining nor am I applauding the results of that election — I’m only referencing a contest with similar results).

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