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17 08 2008

My friend Karen and I spent the morning in Old Towne, Alexandria, teaching her two daughters, Margot and Hannah, the basics of digital photography. A few weeks ago I saw images Margot shot with just her digital point-n-shoot on her band trip to Europe and was impressed with her composition and subject selection. I offered to teach her and Hannah the basics and told them they would get to use the “big girl” cameras during the sessions. Put away the point-n-shoots, the serious equipment is here! Karen and I pointed out some of the things that we were drawn to, but the girls ventured out on their own many times. They showed me previews of most of the shots and I made suggestions on better framing, shooting positions, and exposure troubleshooting. I’m impressed with the results of their first-time-ever-SLR experience. Mom, Dad, get ready to purchase a D40 for the girls!

The budding photographers, Hannah and Margot (now that’s a yellow wall):

The results:



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17 08 2008

Looks like they are going to have to spring for 2 D40’s, lol.

Tell the girls for me that those are some great captures that they can each be very proud of. What a great opportunity they had to spend part of a day in a great, colorful location just taking pictures and learning from a talented photographer, one on one.

I think I may take a photo safari or two myself, just taking pictures for the learning experience of it. It would probably be good training for recognizing the good settings, angles, perspectives, lighting, framing and all the other elements that make the difference in a quick, average snapshot and an interesting photograph that that makes an impression.

Thanks for sharing this example of how much fun photography can be.

18 08 2008
sue cummings

What fun seeing their different portfolios and what each of their eyes are drawn to take a photo of. I recognized a lot of the buildings from Old Town. You’ve created two new Grasshoppers, Cindy!

22 08 2008
Elaine Byer Reed

Margot and Hannah:

Your grandfather forwarded these photos to me. They are absolutely gorgeous! …the colors, your creativity with the scenes there, the different ways you each chose to picture the same scenery. You have a beautiful fascinating hobby to share and develop. Aunt Elaine

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