The big three-oh

7 09 2008

30,000 hits, that is (insert celebratory music and confetti here). I celebrated my one-year anniversary on last month and tonight the counter hit 30,000. To celebrate this milestone, I offer my top eleven most-visited posts of all time with the number of hits:

Concrete leaf casting — 1,149

Crafty room divider screen — 806

Color Magic Rose — 715

Spotlight on Abbie — 518

Snowberry Clearwing Hummingbird Moth — 456

About — 426

Bionic Woman = Cover Girl — 267

Gigglebean with parrot and sugar glider — 257

Mina Lobata (Spanish Flag) — 233

Napa, Sonoma, and Bodega Bay — 172

Just how many hats does one girl need? — 170

I get such a kick out of reading the “Search Engine Terms” on These are terms people used to find my blog (or rather, led them to my blog—sometimes I can’t even see the correlation!).

These are just a few of the more recent amusing ones (exactly as they appeared):

poems of loss and bubble (huh?)
beautiful but destructive (alas)
graphic things that say sophia (again, huh?)
yellow ducks foot passion flower (dang, ya’ll, one more passion flower to add to the garden!)
color things (that generic a search and you still found my blog?)
panel screen room divider fish (divider fish…now that’s a concept)
forced bulb flower frog (this, I gotta see)
crochet action photoshop (crochet + Photoshop—now that’s some multi-tasking I could get into!)
spot aquarium heather (I’m looking, I’m looking)
missouri walking stick bug poison to hum (poison to hum?)
green rubber trees logo letterhead & name (now that’s a design concept!)
nat the bug (pat the spider)
hearing loss horse (that would require a rather large hearing aid, fer shure)
little green bug flies fast (most of them do)
honorine + sex (what an interesting combo!)
pinwheel peace (we’ll take it in any shape it comes in, won’t we?)
incredibly beautiful (oh, you don’t mean it)
very fine photo (why, thank you!)
hardly seems (I’m with you on that)
sears photo studio pregnancy (oh, please tell me you didn’t)

Thank you to first-time visitors and all the frequent visitors who stop by to peruse and leave comments. And a special thanks to those of you who refer visitors from your blogs to mine. Muchas gracias, mis amigo(a)s!



2 responses

8 09 2008
Party Supplies

Hi, wow, that’s a good achievement. Maybe I am in around 250 to 300 times in that list of 30k visitors. I visit your blog once a week, however, this is my first thank you comment for posting such beautiful blog content….A+++ and god bless you for more success!

9 09 2008

Congratulations, Cindy on the 30,000 hit! Thank you for enriching my life through your photography, art, crafts, yourself, and sharing of so much beauty in this world!

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