Birthday bouquet

20 10 2008

Today Elizabeth and Rob sent me this beautiful birthday bouquet, making me yearn for spring and summer all over again! See the photos I shot of them with their beautiful baby girl, Josie, in the links below:

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2 11 2008

It was great to see you on Friday, many, many thanks for the use of your scanner. On my way home I couldn’t help but think of more gallows humor… Scanning Dead People (you’re right—a great band name, perhaps a grunge band?) on Halloween no less at Die-er Design. Love your blog, see you soon. — Cathy

4 11 2008

Stunning bouquet and happy belated birthday. Were you the one asking me about my location? I’ve been away on vacation so sorry for the slow response. I live about 1 hour west of Huntsville so if you are in my area, let me know. Unfortunately there is not a lot to see in my garden in December. 😦

4 11 2008
Karen Putz/ DeafMom

How beautiful and happy birthday!

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