On Golden Pond

8 11 2008

Michael and I noticed the beautiful fall color around this retention pond—less than a mile away from our home—so we hurried back home to grab our photo gear and go back to capture some images. The light was glorious, the weather was mild, and the wildlife was most cooperative.

Last year the leaves peaked for us much later (Nov. 17), so one afternoon I took advantage of the perfect light and shot some images in our neighborhood. See those photos in my posting here.

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6 responses

8 11 2008

So pretty, I love the colors reflecting on the water.

8 11 2008

WOW, Cindy, What a wonderful post! Your photos are gorgeous with the beautiful fall colors and the reflections in the water. I love your pix of the geese and the Mallard also. They are all absolutely outstanding !!! Blessings, G G 🙂

9 11 2008
CheyAnne Sexton

your fall photos are amazing
the mallard with droplets still on his feathers made me see him in that dip-dive thing they do…
and the geese WOWwwza

9 11 2008

Thanks, CheyAnne!

And funny you should mention the “dip-dive” thing…he was doing that repeatedly and this was the last shot I got of him. It looks like he shot water out his nostrils (and he probably did)! Thanks for visiting and commenting.


9 11 2008

Thanks GG! I’m glad you liked the post. I’m off now to see what’s going on in your pond now!


9 11 2008

Stunning, Cindy! Really feeling like autumn now, which means one thing, the holidays are getting closer! Thanks for sharing : )

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