Kactus Korral revisited

2 12 2008

On this trip to Texas, we stopped at the Kactus Korral in Harwood, Texas, before heading to our final destination—San Antonio. Usually we stop at the Kactus Korral on the way back to Virginia (after leaving space in the car to fill with plants, of course). We learned from Molly (our friendly plant expert/cashier pictured in the last photo below) that the Kactus Korral will probably be closed by January 2009.

Saddened by that news, I bought more plants than usual, knowing I wouldn’t get a chance to see this many gorgeous plants in so many varieties again. I picked up some that I don’t ever see in our local nurseries, such as two variations of the otherworldly “Ghost Cactus” (Euphorbia trigona ‘Ghost’), which is native to Mexico. Once again, we scored bargains. Essentially everything was 50% off—the plants I picked out ranged from less than $2 for the smallest size to under $6 for the largest. After gathering my bounty, I photographed my favorite plant heaven one last time while Molly calculated the (minor) damage to my cash-on-hand. Many of the plants were in bloom, so I got to see what one of my favorite plants—Lithops or “living stones”—might look like when they finally bloom. This time around, I bought 4″ pots with large “colonies” of these amazing little brainy-looking plants rather than the small single specimens. Many of them were already blooming with pink, yellow, and white fringe-like flowers. (See my posting last year on the Kactus Korral here.)

If you’re in the San Antonio/Austin area, you might want to check out the Kactus Korral before it closes. The selection is overwhelming, the plants are very healthy, and the prices (plants are 50% off, pots are 60% off) are amazing. I just wish I had the money (and the space) to offer to buy their inventory! Michael and I pondered that insane idea, thinking we could start a cacti/succulent nursery in Virginia—since no one in our area offers such an incredible variety of cacti and succulents. My only problem would be letting go of the inventory!

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3 12 2008

Thanks for letting me know about this place. It’s possible we’ll be going to Houston between Xmas and Jan, so maybe we’ll get over there before it closes. Your graphic pics are stunning, like pop art. I’d be happy to frame them and put them on my wall.

7 12 2008

wonderful !!

9 12 2008

The cactus plants are just fantastic compared to those found in Cameron Highlands. I have not seen such species especially the few top photos when I visited the cactus garden in Cameron Highlands.

They are uniquely beautiful, very special and truly open my eyes to the wide variety of cactus. In fact this the first time I have seen such type of cactus. All the photos are beautiful and amazing.

I know the story and photos of cactus I posted are not as good as yours but I would like to link to yours taken at Kactus Korral in Harwood. I got your link from my blogfriend Birgitte as she commented on the post and leaving me your link.


9 12 2008
Dale Ng

Wow! I never knew there are so many varieties of cactus plants. And the layout of the various pots are simply fascinating. They make stunning and striking graphic designs. Yes, they are prize-winning photos!

10 12 2008

Thanks for dropping by and leaving me a nice comment on the cactus plants. This is ChrisY from Malaysia.

27 05 2010


This is devastating news that this gold mine of cacti is closing down. I loved the place and could spend hours there trying to decide what to pick to take home. I, too, left with tons. Your pictures are beautiful, and I am afraid that now they are a sad reminder of what once was. Thank you for the info.

Are there any more cactus places around????


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