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5 01 2009

My fellow blogger, Heather, from Mommy Miranda Musings, has tagged me to reveal six weird/random things about myself. Here goes:

1. I find it very hard to not be doing something productive or creative almost every second of the day. (I’m sure that’s no surprise to people who know me). There aren’t enough hours in the day to do all the things I want to do. I stay up too late and rarely nap. Even when I do go to bed, I find it hard to get to sleep because the wheels are always spinning in my head—creating new stuff, working out a layout on a job or creating a Photoshop collage, worrying about work/family/friends/money, and pondering all the possibilities in my life. I’m a supreme multi-tasker. If I’m eating, I’m reading. If I’m on the phone, I’m cleaning the house or watering plants. Sometimes I’m reading and trying to watch a movie on tv. I have a stack of books next to the bed and every night I read a few pages from whichever one I can reach first. When I finally do get to sleep, I sleep really, really hard.

2. About 98% of the time, when a big group of friends gets together for dinner out, my order is the only one messed up. The only one. Everyone will get their correct order and mine won’t come at all. We’ll call the waiter over and discover mine was never put in. Then my order will come (when everyone else is halfway done with their food) and it will be a completely different meal. If I dare give that same restaurant another try (it has happened when a friend insists the error was a one-time thing), something else will happen along the same lines. So, from here on out, when that happens, that particular restaurant becomes taboo for me. Friends don’t get it and when I bend the rules, it happens again just to prove me right. Murphy’s Law in effect.

3. I have a rare (and completely useless) skill. Here’s the skinny: I rarely look at a clock unless I’m on a deadline (I’m self-employed, so there’s less clock-watching in general), but because of some wonky internal clock, if I do know the time (say I look at the clock when I leave the house to run errands), I can later tell you the time (within 5-8 minutes) just by gauging how long I’ve been out and how many places I’ve been. I’ll either be on the money or within 5-8 minutes of it. Accuracy is probably about 90%—rarely am I ever off more than 15 minutes. Perhaps my incessant need to be productive all the time plays a part in assessing how much time has passed.

4. I love, love, love to sing. I’ve been told I have a nice voice and it sounds pretty decent to me, too, but then again—people who sing horribly think they sound good, so who knows? Some people are surprised it sounds good because I think that with my hearing loss they expect me to sound like Marlee Matlin trying to sing. Folks, I have a hearing loss—I’m not completely deaf. I have good bone conduction so I can still hear my voice through my head despite the complete loss of hearing in my right ear (since 1993). I totally relate to former American Idol runner-up, Elliot Yamin, who has something like a 90% hearing loss in one ear—it doesn’t hold him back either! I sing in the shower, in the car, all over the house, while I’m gardening, etc. I’m fortunate that it doesn’t drive Michael crazy. We have two karaoke machines and I just bought a remote that you can hook up to the radio. (Michael may rethink this situation when he sees that!). I’m also very, very picky. I won’t attempt to sing anything that I know I won’t sound okay on. It has to be a love song, folk song, or ballad. Here’s the kicker—I’m scared to death to sing karaoke in clubs. However, I did get up enough courage to sing “I Honestly Love You” on a cruise ship many years ago—with my friend Norma standing silently next to me for support. I’m sure the audience (small one that it was) kept wondering when Norma was going to jump in with her “doo wop” background vocals—what a dolt I was—it’s not like I was going to see any of those people ever again.

5. I didn’t learn to blow a bubble with gum until I was 26 years old. My old boyfriend Dave’s younger brother (who was about 10 at the time) taught me how to on a road trip and I was so proud of myself. I still can’t whistle and have never done a cartwheel.

6. I’ve been to Antarctica (and would love to go back).



3 responses

5 01 2009

Thank you Cindy. I will see what I can find to write about. It was very nice to read your stories, and both fun and strange to read no. 2, as I have this “problem” too. I’ve gotten used to it and don’t care, unless I am in a hurry, and don’t have time to wait for being found 🙂

5 01 2009
Sue Cummings

1. I LOVE Monster truck jams and tractor pulls! The louder the better. The bigger the engine the better.
2. I can blow a realllly big bubble and learned when I was even younger than Cindy.
3. I can burp reallllly loud too. Don’t know how this could ever be of benefit to me unless I’m in a foreign country where burping after a meal is a compliment to the cook.
4. I like to have salt on my french fries, mashed potatoes and fried chicken. Other than these 3 I don’t salt anything else.
5. When I eat pizza, I like to take a bite of pizza then a swig of Diet Coke. I like having Diet Coke with my pizza.
6. I like to talk out loud to myself sometimes in funny goofy ways and voices.

6 01 2009

Ditto 1 and 3 TOTALLY, we are so similar! 2 happens to me quite often, but not as consistently as it happens to you, thank goodness, what a crappy thing to look forward to! I sooo boycott too. 4 is where we split, I know I sound awful and I don’t even try to pretend that I think I can sing. 5 bubbles are fun, you’d be missing out on a little “life’s simple pleasures” if you hadn’t learned that one. It’s hard to worry about the normal crud when you’re concentrating on the perfect bubble. and 6 very cool!
thanks for playing!

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