5 01 2009

I discovered Igor Siwanowicz’ macro photography during a web search on the subject and was blown away. There are some really spectacular images on his main site. Unless you’re a Russian linguist, the text will be lost on you as much as it was on me. No matter, his work is amazing!

Click here and here to see what I mean.



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6 01 2009

Whoa. I’m not big on bugs from even far away. But they sure are sharp and clear!

6 01 2009

Gorgeous photography, but hard to look at for long and see “through” the bugs to only appreciate it for the craft. Some of those kinda creeped me out, others completely look like they could be characters in the next Pixar bug film.

7 01 2009

Wow, thanks for what you found.

8 01 2009

yikes i seriously jumped back in my chair when i opened that first link lol! that’s a really cool site & awesome macros
thankyou : ) x

8 01 2009

thank you cindy 🙂 i am liking the new camera it’s very exciting
hope all is well with you x

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