Oh, Christmas tree…

11 01 2009

suetreeUpon Sue’s request, I am showcasing her Christmas tree. She allowed me complete freedom in decorating it (and even purchased everything I suggested it really needed to give it more ooomph). I received this ultra-sweet-made-my-day e-mail from her yesterday morning, and with her permission I’m sharing it with you. (A special thanks to Sue’s neighbor, Sandy. She has a gorgeous tree in virtually every room in her beautiful home and her creative genius inspired me to make the star-spangled-firework-y tree topper on Sue’s tree.)

Oh, Christmas Tree, Oh, Christmas Tree, how lovely are your branches!!!

Cindy, I can’t bring myself to take down your beautiful Christmas tree. When I get up early in the morn while it’s dark, the first thing I do before going into the kitchen is turn on the Christmas tree for me and passersby to enjoy.

When I’m outside in the dark in the morning with Mattilda now, I go outside and stand on the sidewalk and admire the tree from there. It’s just sooooo beautiful. Then I turn it on again before going into the bedroom. I just enjoy that tree so much because it’s the most beautiful Christmas tree I’ve EVER had! It’s like having Christmas every day! I just get so much joy inside my heart when I look at it.

Cindy, thank you for blessing me so very much. I love you, Sue.



One response

13 01 2009

This really is a lovely Christmas tree, and I don’t blame her for keeping it up longer than usual.

Always Growing

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