Thrift store couture

20 01 2009

As I mentioned in an earlier posting, I just recently stumbled into the wonderful world of (designer brand) thrift store fashions! Yes, I knew they sold clothes at Goodwill and Salvation Army. I just didn’t think there would be such good pickins’! I found Mom her very first Ann Taylor garment and the Tommy Hilfiger shirt at a Salvation Army in San Antonio in December. Dad and I went in to look around and I decided to check out the clothing. Mom stayed in the car since she’s more a Chico’s/Coldwater Creek/Talbot’s clothes-that-have-never-been-worn kind of gal. Thrift stores don’t usually appeal to her. She would soon be changing her tune when we got back to the car.

This thrift store is in a nice neighborhood, so the donations were a little more upscale overall. When I got back to the car, I tossed the two blouses over to Mom and she was really surprised at the name labels and the condition the clothes were in. And on Wednesdays at that store, all clothes are 50% off the regular price! We went to lunch and then skedaddled back to the store so she could check it out. I asked her if she wanted a cart and she said, “No, I’m just looking.” A few minutes later, my arms draped with all her finds, I scored an empty cart and we filled it up.

Of course I bought my fair share of stuff—my major coup was finding linen shirts (for me) from Chicos, one of my favorite stores. And I bought several of the shirts that you see in the glamour shots I posted here. I bought the black Indecent Proposal-like dress for just $4 (5th row down); the stretchy lace tops (6th row, right and 7th row, left) were just $1 each; the deep blue satin blouse (9th row, left) was $1.50; and the best bargain was the beige satin blouse at the bottom of the collage. It was just 25 cents!

A few days later we were near Randolph Air Force Base and Dad took us through a “questionable” neighborhood to a thrift store he frequents. Mom stayed in the car and I ran out and held up stuff for her to approve. I bought her the form-fitting black knit Adrienne Vittadini jacket (modeled below) and a short embossed suede jacket, both for half price—$2.00 each! I also found a microfiber dress and jacket for her sister Evelyn—just $4 for that fashionable frock. And the best part—all proceeds from that store go to help animals at the local shelter!

From that point on, any time my dad announced he was going to a thrift store, I was right by his side. I had way too much fun in December!

And Mom—thanks for humoring me and modeling for these shots. You’re such a good egg.

AND NOW FOR SOME LATE-BREAKING NEWS….my mom called me this afternoon to report that she and my dad went to the Salvation Army and Goodwill after lunch. She found a beige silk Ann Taylor blouse (tags still on it—$78 retail) for $2 and a pair of Talbot’s white capri pants for $2 at the Salvation Army. At Goodwill she found a pair of dressy black Ann Taylor pants for just $3. Hmmm…I do believe we have a thrift store convert!

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20 01 2009
Shopping Golightly

Here! Here! My thrifted designer finds include: Betsey Johnson, items from Anthropologie, Jaeger, Via Spiga, Cole Hann, Jos. A. Banks (a suit for my husband for $4.50), Sundance, Kate Spade, Oilily (for children), Hannah Andersson (for children), Kenneth Cole… the list goes on and all for pennies on the dollar. Some of these items still have tags! I purchased a BRAND NEW pair of Black Dog Rise mukluks for $10, handmade, they retail online for $350! I’ve found countless cashmere sweaters for $2.99! I even turn many down if I don’t really like the color because I know another will that will come around. There are photos of many of these items on my blog, The Thrifty Chicks, under Ms. Golighlty’s finds on the right column.

The Thrifty Chicks is dedicated to the art of reuse and repurposing. On January 1, 2009 we published a 2009 Gift Guide to show non-believers what one can buy for gifts in the thrift store. Currently, the slide show features 90 but soon to be 100 items. I averaged $4.50 per holiday gift and I either gave NEW items or BEAUTIFUL antiques. Below the gift guide is How To Thrift, a listing of posts that will turn any thrift novice into a master.

I offer how to recalibrate the retail mind to the zen of thrift. They are, after all, two different markets. We explain how to devise a thrifting routine. Routinely stopping by the thrift store is key because inventory moves so fast. And, I offer in-store tips which are very specific and easy to follow. There are 35.

Many readers classify me as a writer of things frugal. But, I am an advocate for reuse and repurposing. Americans can no longer look to the factories on the other side of the world and selfishly demand “More!” How about we learn to manage what we have, which is hardly slim pickin’s. Aside from that, repurposing and reusing products is one sure way to reduce one’s carbon footprint while shopping.

Now Get Thrifting for Goodness Sake!
Ms Shopping Golightly of The Thrifty Chicks

20 01 2009

Way to go. I’ve had a passion for thrift stores my whole life and just started to blog on it here .

20 01 2009

Oh…a girl after my own heart. I LOVE thrift shopping. Even if I won the lottery…I’d still thrift shop. What great finds! Love the photos. Looks like a Vogue layout! Seriously.

20 01 2009

PS…your mom is stunning!

20 01 2009

Dear Ms Shopping Golightly,

Thank you for your most informative comments on my thrift store post! Do you need a correspondent for the Washington, D.C./Northern Virginia area? 😉

I’m adding you to my blogroll—I’m sure you won’t mind!


20 01 2009

Ms. Shopping Golightly,

I’m browsing your thrift finds and I’m sorry you beat me to those beaded clogs! I love funky and whimsical shoes and those are too cute.

21 01 2009

I’ve done my share of this! You can find like-new, top quality brands and it not only saves $$, it’s good to recycle!

21 01 2009

PS. Your mom looks lovely : )

23 01 2009

Oh, those are marvelous! I shop at the Good Will store in our town very often (and so does Baker) and have gotten some wonderful finds. Your mom is precious !
Keep up the good work. – My grand-daddy always said that a penny saved is a penny earned.
Have a great weekend. G G 🙂

19 02 2009

Oh my goodness, could Mema BE any cuter?!

21 02 2009

Hey Gigglebean!

She is pretty cute in those photos, isn’t she? Thanks for visiting and commenting!

(FYI: Gigglebean is the daughter of my sister, Debbie.)

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