I got nuthin’

23 01 2009

Yesterday afternoon I decided I needed more Vitamin D after weeks of working in my dungeon-studio and had grand plans to drive into D.C. to do some quick photos at the U.S. Botanic Garden. I got within eyesight of the Capitol building and was redirected by a traffic cop from whence I came. The streets were awash with “March for Life” participants and there were police cars everywhere (I should have done my research beforehand). I couldn’t get back to the Capitol easily so I gave up and headed home. Given the number of marchers, it was evident that I wouldn’t find a parking place within a mile of my destination anyway. I had every intention of photographing something flowery and posting it upon my return, but the best laid plans…

So, I hunted through my photo archives and found a photo that always makes me smile—Lemur-eyed ZenaB in the box and contemplative Jasper in the bowl.

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.




4 responses

23 01 2009

What a perfect description of your duo there! Spot on.

24 01 2009

Awww, cute.

24 01 2009

I’m also disappointed you did not get there. I will never forget once seeing the national bonsai collection.

The box would seem more sensible for shipping a cat. Unless maybe you cellophane-and-bow the bowl like a gift basket.


26 01 2009

Paulie….funny! Shipping a cat would be more sensible with a box. And we could add some biodegradable peanuts (to pad her as well as entertain!).

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