Yearning for blooms

26 01 2009

Sigh. How much winter is left?

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26 01 2009

Well that is just too pretty for winter. Where oh where is Spring.

26 01 2009

Entirely too much winter here! I am ready to be done with it. I don’t see how you handle living up North when it’s icky like it is now!!

26 01 2009

Hi Deb,

My fellow blogger Jan ( reports that spring is just 54 days away. I just MIGHT be able to hang on until then. If not, you’ll be seeing lots of old gardening photos in the interim!

26 01 2009

Hey Jen,

We have milder weather than most people think/ I think it has only snowed once and that was VERY light AND it was while I was gone, I think.

This month we have had a few 19 degree days (yuck), but on Thursday and Friday it was warm enough for me to wear a long-sleeved thick sweatshirt and NO jacket. So contrary to what most people think, we have it pretty mild. I think Tennessee weather and our weather are pretty comparable (except for maybe what little snow we get). I sure wouldn’t want to live any farther north. Hailing from Texas, I’m not much of a snow bunny!

26 01 2009

Gorgeous water lily. I’m so ready for spring.

Until then — the orchid shows have opened at Longwood Gardens and at the Smithsonian’s Museum of Natural History. : )

26 01 2009

i love the intence pink colour of the lily 🙂
i would put a photograph like this on my wall

27 01 2009

Beautiful!!! – Oh, I wish I had that waterlily in my pond !
Have a wonderful day. G G 🙂

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