Pink overlooked

31 01 2009

I found five pink stragglers in my archives. No more pinks for awhile. I’ll move on to another color, another subject. Promise.

I’m now taking requests for a color for the next collage. Anyone? 

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.




3 responses

31 01 2009

the one with the fly is extraordinary…to my brown eyes.

1 02 2009

Oh my gosh! How absolutely beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, etc., etc.! — You can just keep on posting bright pink from now on as far as I can tell you! Hot pink and/or fuschia are my favorite colors in all the world, and your photos are so beautiful.
My granddaughter asked me a few weeks ago, “Nanny, can I come over some time and go into your closet and count all the pink blouses, tops and sweaters you have?” LOL
Orchid is another favorite of mine, which your last photo almost tends toward. They are all so lovely.

Have a wonderful Sunday. In HIS love, Graceanne Grateful 🙂

1 02 2009

i’m really loveing your flower photographs & how you’ve very beautifully arranged them in this little sequence

i want flowers like this in my garden

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