Bluer than blue

2 02 2009

Remember that 1978 hit song, Bluer than Blue, by Michael Johnson? Check out the video on youtube. Kinda low budget video, isn’t it? Ah, well, it’s the song that matters, right? Another song of his that I love is, “The Moon is Still Over Her Shoulder.”

Let’s see—I’ve received three requests in response to my “what color collage next” question. One requested a collage showing variegation. One was a request for the color teal. Uh…thanks for the challenge, gals! And the third one was for blue, which just happened to be the color I was working on! (Jan and I were on the same wavelength.) I’ll work on those first two (more challenging) requests, but in the interim, here’s a collage of nothin’ but blue! Blue isn’t a really common color in the garden, yet I was surprised I had enough images in that color to create this collage. I would love to be able to grow the extra-heat-sensitive-needs-cool-rainy-summers (which we don’t have in Northern Virginia) lovely sky-blue Himalayan Blue Poppy (Meconopsis betonicifolia), a native of southeastern Tibet.

Other blue flowers include:

Sea holly (Eryngium-–which I grow in my garden—and it is a beauty)
Chicory (shown below)
Love-in-a-mist (Nigella—shown below)
‘Heavenly Blue’ Morning Glory (shown below)
Bearded iris
Himalayan blue poppy (there are other shades of blue poppies as well)
Scabiosa (beautiful pale blue; I’ve grown them but they flop over too soon!)
Veronica Speedwell
Globe thistle (Echinops)—I have several of these in my front garden
Muscari (grape hyacinth—some varieties lean more toward blue than deep purple)
Pride of Madeira (leans toward purple-blue—unbelievably beautiful plant—wish it would grow in our area)

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11 responses

2 02 2009

Wow!! I can’t find anything better to write — it’s just amazingly blue…

2 02 2009

Beautiful blues, Cindy. They’re all real nice but there are several real killers in there. I love the one with the underside of the flower. Beautiful. And the Asters right above and the ladybug shot right below are great as well. The one with the hole in the fence is very creative. Well done! I’d definitely blogroll you if my template allowed blogrolls. But alas… 8^(

2 02 2009

Hi Ed,

Thanks so much for the comment! Actually, the “hole in the fence” is a mirror mounted on the storage shed. You’re seeing the reflection of the morning glory vine there. The wood framed mirror has a shelf and that’s one of my homemade cement leaves, painted with metallic blue acrylic paint.

2 02 2009

Hi Birgit,

Thanks for the sweet comment! I’m off to check and see what you have been photographing lately now.


2 02 2009
Hershel Dyer

Cindy, you probably know that blue is not my favorite color (I know, I know, the Chevy you “borrowed” from me (and never returned) was blue. The problem is that I first saw the car at night under yellow lights — I thought it was green.

I’m partial to earth tones, and so far I haven’t seen any blue earth. As for the hole-in-the-fence, I’m with “edvatza” — it sure looks like a hole in the fence to me. Maybe you could focus on the background in the mirror and fuzz-out the foreground and then post the result — then I’ll believe — maybe.

Incidentally, I note a bit of ambiguity in your description of the mirror (at least it’s ambiguous for me). I’ve never seen a wooden mirror. I should think that the reflective properties of such an item would (no pun intended) be severely compromised. Could you please elucidate this matter for me and for any other nit-pickers who may be puzzled?

Thanks for posting the blue collage. The photos are gorgeous, and I especially like the closeup shots of the insects — the dragonfly, the bee and the ladybug. The ladybug reminds me of a Tennessee artist who specializes in painting magnolia blossoms. At sometime in the past she lost a daughter (don’t know the details). Her daughter was fascinated by ladybugs, and ever since her daughter died the artist has included a ladybug in her paintings. The bug is always there, but sometimes is very difficult to locate.

2 02 2009

Cindy, these are just beautiful. You always inspire me. Amazing macros!

3 02 2009

That’s it, after seeing all of these gorgeous pictures, I am opening up a flower shop and plastering the walls with your photos. I could admire these all day long (which is why I haven’t really gotten anything done today). Simply amazing photography. I love them all!!

3 02 2009

Thanks, Martha! Well, when you’re self-employed, you can choose whether to get anything done or not…for the most part…until the bills come in and you have nothing to give. :-p

Open up that flower shop…I’ll come photograph everything for ya!

6 02 2009

This is incredible. The hydrangea at the bottom are simply incredible.

10 02 2009
Jamie Adams

What extraordinary photos of true blue flowers. I would love your input on a newsletter about true blue flowers that I am working on. Please contact me if you are interested.

10 02 2009

Hi Jamie,

It was great to talk to you this afternoon. I looked forward to working with you on the newsletter. Thank you for the opportunity!


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