Not so mellow yellow

3 02 2009

I had so many yellow-dominant photos in my archives that I had to shrink the images a little more than usual to get them to all fit into a more manageable collage—otherwise, you would be scrolling down for days. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Purple’s comin’ ’round the corner. Enjoy!

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.




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4 02 2009

Beautiful collage, Cindy. Way too many home runs to pick out just a few. But I’ll try. I particularly enjoyed the dewy rose and daisy. The Black-eyed Susans are great. Love the profile shot. I could go on and on. Excellent work. And I would be remiss if I didn’t comment on your beautiful cats. We have five.

4 02 2009


If we had a house (and not our townhouse), we would probably have five felines, too! They are a favorite subject of mine to photograph, without a doubt. They both grew up having a flash bounced off the wall at them. They can’t go anywhere in the house without me following them to see if they’re doing anything worth recording! 🙂

4 02 2009
Hershel Dyer

Beautiful collage — I agree with advatza — there are “way too many home runs” to pick a favorite, so I won’t even try. Keep up the good work.

I noticed Daryl Hannah’s name under ENVIROMENTAL (directly opposite edvatza’s response). Her site is identified as “Daryl Hannah Eco Vlog.” Is the “v” a typo, perhaps? The “v” and “b” are nestled side-by-side on my keyboard. There is a high probability that they are positioned the same on your keyboard, so a typo would be perfectly understandable — and forgiveable.

On the possibility that Daryl Hannah is of Russian or Czech descent and the “v” might be related to that, I did a bit of research online; but could find no connection with those countries. However, I did learn that she and you share the same birth year, born just a few weeks apart. That’s pretty cool, because you also share many characteristics — except that she’s a bit taller.

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