Hmm…should I be worried?

8 02 2009

In my last posting I shared the odd (and sometimes funny) search words that have led visitors to my blog.

The last search was for “trainer for sugar glider good learn.”

A few days ago there was a search for “sugar glider and parrot.”

This afternoon there was a search for “ugly sugar glider.”  (that’s a bit harsh, doncha think?)

Tonight there was a search for “sugar glider dead.”

I sincerely hope the “sugar glider dead” didn’t arrive at that state due to his inability to be trained or for his lack of physical beauty—or as a result of a run-in with a parrot. Makes you wonder…



6 responses

8 02 2009

next, I think it will be sugar glider funeral.

8 02 2009

Cindy, I’ve been unsuccessful trying to reach you via aol….I have some potential work for you for a company I am working with in Houston. What is the best way to reach you?

8 02 2009

LOL !! Your readers are such inventive searchers, making serialize search…

9 02 2009

You must have written about a sugar glider at some time. Do you take ambien? Sorry in advance if it’s your nickname.

9 02 2009

Hi Paulie,

I actually did write about a sugar glider last year. I photographed my niece “wearing” one, along with a parrot on her shoulder. I know that’s the reason anyone searching for “sugar glider” ends up on my blog at some point. I just found it funny that the series of recent searches appeared in a succession that made me comment on it. Looks like a lot of people are interested in sugar gliders for pets. They are interesting, but they’re far too clingy for me—the breeders we talked to at the Nashville Flea Market said that gliders imprint on you and want to be on you ALL THE TIME. I’d be worried to death I would sit on them or smush them if they were on my back on in my shirt (like these were with the breeders!). Sweet little things, but they require SO much attention!

9 02 2009

That explains it. I thought maybe you were ambien blogging, as they say in the commercial: “with amnesia for the event”.

What they don’t tell you at the flea market is sugar gliders are nocturnal!

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