Lighter shade of pale

11 02 2009

Colors left to profile—red, green, and variegated (a fellow blogger’s suggestion)—I’ve covered orange, pink, blue, yellow and purple. Am I leaving something out?

I suppose since it’s still winter, I could cover brown, but that’s not too inspiring, is it? Might not be, but boy do I have lots of that color in the garden right now.

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11 02 2009

HI Cindy, Thanks for such a quick response. If you can’t find the name of the hydrangea, don’t worry about it. I do hope you can start selling these wonderful photos. I’ll can add either blog to my sidebar but had already added Gardens Muse since it was the one on Blotanical, but either one is okay with me if it’s the same with you. Just let me know. I’ll subscribe so I can get your response here no problem:) You are in VA?

11 02 2009

Hi Tina,

Garden Muse on your blogroll is fine by me. I’m happy to be on your blogroll no matter how you list me! I noticed that most gardening blogs ONLY show gardening-related things, so that’s why I maintain that separate blog. I didn’t want to be limited on what I blogged about, though, so I started the Garden Muse blog after the Cindy Dyer blog was up and running. I just cut and paste after I post on my main blog when I know that it will appeal to my fellow gardeners! I’m working with a web designer who is going to help me modify my main blog so that I can do the RSS feed/subscribe thingie. I can’t do it now (at least I don’t know how to, that is!). Yes, I’m in Northern Virginia, just 15 minutes for the dysfunctional government seat! 😉

11 02 2009

These are spectacular, worth seeing over and over. Thank you for posting, I enjoyed it tremendously.

12 02 2009

Another great photo collection.

12 02 2009

cindy the spider one gave me chills
how did you remove the background on photograph one(?) stunning photographs
i love the sharpness in each

12 02 2009

Hi Chloé!

On the first photo (the Shasta Daisy), I photographed that in the corner of our backyard garden, near the small pond. Because I shot from overhead, the background was pretty dark to begin with (dark earth color, of course). With the flower being lit by late afternoon light, but somewhat in dappled shade, that increases the darkness again. If you want a similar result, but find you’re not getting it “naturally,” you can also prop up something dark (like a black t-shirt, even!) behind or below your subject. I did just that with a photo of red gerbera daisies last year. I’ll post that photo shortly. The daises were in a pot on the deck of a friend’s house. I wanted to photograph them, but the green woods behind them was too distracting. I asked my friend to grab an article of clothing that was black (she had a sweatshirt that worked perfectly). Then she held it up behind my subject. I used available light and in Photoshop I darkened the background slightly for more vividness between the red and black. It’s an easy trick to try—it makes for some really dramatic photographs. I’ll those photos next and give you a little primer on the details again in the post! Thanks again for visiting—what are you photographing these days?

18 02 2009

Hello again, Cindy. I must say that I really am enjoying your color collages. The flowers are beautiful. And the photos are so well composed. Excellent work. And I would be remiss if I didn’t say thank you for the kinds words you shared on my blog.

1 03 2009

These photos are so beautiful that I find it difficult to write a comment about them. To make it short: You MUST make a photo book!

1 04 2009

I simply admire your work. This collage is simply AWESOME! You made me feel like I’m nothing (I’m still a baby actually!!!) infront of you. Hats off! The details the frame the balance the composition the sharpness the focus the depth of the field…WoWww!
I would love to know more about the lens you use and the camera too!

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