791,940.045 years

13 02 2009

What’s that, you ask?

Yesterday I received an advertisement (in pdf format) via e-mail from the printer to place in the issue of Hearing Loss Magazine that I was working on. The file was compressed with Stuffit and when I went to expand it, this is what the “time remaining” progress bar showed:
I got a good laugh out of this one! Now, I have had files take an abnormally long time to download and sometimes my computer runs slower than usual, but really…have you ever?

So, being the ever curious gal that I am, I tried to crunch some numbers on my calculator and there were just one too many digits to do that, so I enlisted Michael’s help.

He reports that if I waited for the file to uncompress, it would consume:

2,023,406,815 hours, or

84,308,617.29 days, or

791,940.045 years

If I have to put in that much time on a design job, I think I should be charging higher design fees!



2 responses

14 02 2009
Hershel Dyer

The somewhat lengthy expansion time required in this case reminds me of AOL on dial-up, circa 1992. Lots of patience was required, regardless of the task. I usually looked for something else to do — e.g., take an extended vacation — while AOL and the phone company struggled desperately to complete the transaction — any transaction.

Ah, those were the days.

12 03 2009

when i transfer my photographs from nikon tranfer to my laptop, it often says 100,000 days etc hours, etc minutes; obviously it takes 1 minute or 2
but how amusing
i wonder why they do that(?)

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