Rainbow connection

24 02 2009

My friend Carmen came up from South Carolina to join us for our Fourth Annual Chocoholic Party. She also volunteered to house-and-cat-sit for some friends who are out of town. They have two Maine Coon cats—Rainbow and Felix. They had both trimmed before Carmen arrived, so they weren’t as Maine Coon-fluffy as they normally are. They’re beautiful regardless! Rainbow is very outgoing; Felix ran from me as soon as I walked in the door. So, I got one decent shot of Felix before he bolted and over a dozen of Rainbow, who was happy to pose for me. I loved these two shots of her—bright eyed and bushy tailed in the first one, and “lady, I’ve had enough, one more photo and you’re toast” hooded eyes, Yoda-like shot.

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.




8 responses

24 02 2009

cat moods, they change by the second. Great photos.

24 02 2009

Very cute photos and cats. We have two Maine Coons among our five fur babies.

25 02 2009

Very pretty

26 02 2009

Wonderful again you are so excellent.

28 02 2009
Sue Cummings

I had the privilege and joy of pet sitting with Carmen and what beautiful cats Felix and Rainbow are — and big, oh, so big, too! I believe they could play basketball if they wanted. Rainbow is a snugglebug and frisky Felix likes to run and play. Looking at Rainbow I felt like I was looking at one of those “human cats” from the Broadway play, “Cats.” His head is so big he’s almost human like. I loved being with them both!

1 03 2009

she’s real cute cindy(!)

1 03 2009
Regina Evans

Wow—Jasper and the Maine Coon cat are just so handsome!

6 03 2009

I LOVE these photos, as much as I love cats. We happen to have a Maine Coon too..and you have captured their fun-loving spirit in these photos! Thanks for sharing them.

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