Jasper & the Little Mermaid

26 02 2009

© Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.




4 responses

26 02 2009

A beautiful picture, the expression you captured is priceless. And the mermaid really sets off the composition. Well done.

27 02 2009

Cats make wonderful subjects… at least until they decide to get up and walk into the lens! Love the expression here.

28 02 2009
Sue Cummings

I always love Jasper’s quizical looks. He’s quite an intriguing fella.

2 03 2009

(in response to your comment): yes you’re right, i think i wrote that entry because it was playing in my mind a lot last week. i guess i just got totally fed up when i knew she hadn’t made any effort to see someone we both share as a “best friend”, who is in hospital. then when her & her bf didn’t make any effort for my partners birthday; i got very over it.
i think i have to look out for my best interests & make sure i pick friends that are only going to bring me happiness & fond memories. 🙂
thanks for the comment

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