White Spoon Osteospermum

23 03 2009

This is an Osteospermum, also called African Daisy, Cape Daisy or Spoon Daisy (because of the spoon-shaped ray florets). I believe this might be the cultivar ‘William.’ 

Learn more about growing Osteospermums at www.osteospermum.com.

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23 03 2009

Wow. I want.

23 03 2009

Eye-popping. That’s gorgeous!

23 03 2009

i’m going to find out if i can grow these in my garden
i’ve never seen a flower so unqiue
i think the blue & organe go beautifully together, even if they are opposite on the colour wheel 🙂

23 03 2009

Gorgeous flower. And you captured it so well. The whites are perfect here. I will be heading back down to Longwood with our local photo club next month. This month’s group shoot was to a greenhouse. I started posted a couple of shots over on my blog. Glad to see you back and feeling better. I was wondering where you got to.

23 03 2009

Gorgeous photo. I went up to Longwood last week and photographed the Longwood Hybrid Cineraria. Thanks for the heads up on where to find them.

I also photographed the Blue Poppies last week — if you get a chance to see them — I think you’ll really like them.

25 03 2009
Emil Avasilichioaiei

Nice blog!
You have a lot of nice photos of flowers, and not only.

This is great photo. Good contrast, pretty colours. What I don’t like, if I may, is the placement of the flower in the frame. Putting it in the upper half, while leaving the down side empty makes it seem unstable. Maybe you can try another crop.
But that’s just me.. 😛 It’s a nice photo anyway.

I can’t wait to see more from you.


26 03 2009

really(?) i always assumed thin haired people had it made, easy to work with, no head-aches … maybe i was wrong lol
ah, yes i knew there was something missing; my kitty would have been sun baking in my mums bedroom window seat, in the morning sun

26 03 2009
Cool Garden Things

Unbelievable. Outstanding.

31 03 2009

Wow incredible photo! The flower looks like a star almost. Nice work!!

2 04 2009

All the possible (cool) words in my dictionary has already been used to comment this photograph.
To be honest…NO WORDS!!!!!!!…Just BRILLIANT!

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