Sunrise at Lake Land’Or

2 04 2009

Monday’s sunrise © Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.




5 responses

2 04 2009

Oh goodness…you nailed this one! Fabulous.

2 04 2009

it’s perfection
the reflection is almost exact 🙂
well done cindy(!) xx

2 04 2009

Cool! I love reflections.

3 04 2009

Hi Cindy, how are you going? You’ve captured this really well, how are you enjoying your d300? I’ve had a chance to play with one myself but was a little overwhelmed 😉 I want to buy the canon 5d Mki, perhaps when I get a payrise?

Thanks for those emails a little while back, really appreciated it.

3 04 2009

Please note that when you click on this comment you will find it blank — the comment is wordless because this shot leaves me speechless (as do many of your photos). Okay, not just many of them — most of them — oh, alright, all of them.

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