‘Spring Beauty’ wildflowers

9 04 2009

These are ‘Spring Beauty’ (Claytonia Virginica) wildflowers that I photographed at Bull Run Regional Park. This perennial herb is a member of the Portulacaceae family and related to the also-edible purslane. Learn more about about this flower’s edible and tasty tubers (who knew?) by reading Scott D. Appell’s article in Plants & Gardens News, published by the Brooklyn Botanic Garden here. These tiny little flowers measure approximately 1/2 inch in diameter and are lightly fragrant. They prefer moist to slightly dry conditions and are planted as corms. These were scattered in clusters among the Bluebells in the park.

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3 responses

14 04 2009

petite little things
whats the frangrance like(?) i imagine something soft, but musky

19 04 2009
Bad Momma

I just posted some on my blog. Originally I misidentified them as Bluet. I have been trying to transplant some that are growing in my back yard into a wooded shade garden to save them from my husband’s lawnmower.

I noticed that they are a bulb plant. Are they related to the Iris family? I’ll have to research further.

9 03 2011
landscape design tampa

Lovely picture. I would love to have this type of flower in my garden.

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