After the rain…

8 05 2009

Photos taken this morning at Green Spring Gardens, just after the morning downpour. This time I was prepared—I brought a large trash bag to sit on. Unfortunately, when one sits on a slope to photograph a flower, one will soon find one’s behind sliding off the edge of the plastic and one’s pants would soon absorb the surrounding mud and water. I speak from experience. Ah, well. No pain, no beautiful flower shots, eh?

A Spring Rain by Raymond A. Foss

The world is wet today
luxurious, damp, drenched
drops hug the leaves,
anoint the still budded lilac blossoms
before their blooming
rich purple and plum
made richer by their watery skin
New leaves under the weight
droplets heavy, hanging
bowing the white pine needles
undersides exposed to drink
drink in the morning
hushed in the rain
temperature near the dewpoint
sprouts of just planted flowers
eager from the parched soil
new puddles bloom too
on the ground, the driveway
collect and gather
without the smell of summer rain yet
tears splash and spread
silent shimmers, heralds, messengers
in the spring rain


I came across the above poem and it was perfect for this posting. I looked at the name and wondered why it looked so familiar. Apparently I’m drawn to this man’s nature- and garden-inspired poetry because I published (with his permission) another of his poems on my blog in August 2007. His poem was a great accompaniment for my posting about harvesting Concord grapes in our backyard garden. Click here for that post and Raymond’s beautiful poem, Smell of Autumn. Raymond has written 3,974 poems to date and all of them can be found here. Click on “Poems” beneath his photo. Raymond’s blog can be found here.

Thank you for letting me share your poetry on my blog, Raymond. If you ever want to publish a book of your poetry, give me a shout—I would love to design it for you!

Photos © Cindy Dyer. All rights reserved.




16 responses

8 05 2009

That 105 combined with your eye is an awesome tool.

8 05 2009

Thanks, burstmode! I’m shooting like crazy these days! Glad you’re visiting (and commenting) often.

8 05 2009

Lovely photos and the perfect poem to go with them.

Always Growing

8 05 2009

The purple and pink colors in these photos really pop! Terrific and thanks for sharing some garden splender with us.

8 05 2009

Do you do photography as a job? Those pictures are so stunning. I love the last one.

8 05 2009

Just beautiful! I like the last one, too, it is a little mysterious.

9 05 2009

When you put together a series, it always turns out to be dynamite! Love the bleeding hearts and that “in-your-face” close-up of the purple flowers is superb.

9 05 2009

Cindy, You amaze me all the time I visit your blog. I love all your photos but I have a special thing for these bleeding hearts. Looking forward to see more beautiful bleeding hearts through your eyes. 😀

9 05 2009

Thanks, Nivin! I appreciate your comments. I do have a few more (even closer up) shots of the bleeding heart. They are so whimsical and sweet, aren’t they?

9 05 2009

Thanks, Ed. And, as always, backatcha with your photos! Wouldn’t it be fun if the two of us could throw together a garden photography workshop? I’m doing just that with my friend, Jeff, this afternoon. He volunteered to teach a beginning photo class to a local art guild (free course) and asked me if I would be the co-teacher. This is a first for me (in an organized fashion, that is), and we’ll be doing that this afternoon. Although I’m prepared with handouts and slide shows to be presented on my Mac and the 30″ screen, I still feel a little “flying by the seat of my pants.” Luckily, my old photography boss/mentor came to the rescue and gave me some of his beginning photo teaching aides (Powerpoint presentation) to supplement. Weather permitting, we’ll do some shooting at Green Springs (just down the road from the library where we’re meeting) afterwards. Word of mouth through friends and his guild attendees has brought us a total (if they all show up) of 30 students! Yikes—wish me luck!

9 05 2009

Hi spamwarrior! Thanks for the visit and comment on my blog.

In a roundabout way, yes, I do photography as a job. However, my main job is as a graphic designer (freelance on my own for 20 years this year). Photography accounts for about 30% or less of my income. I haven’t made much on the garden photograph (yet), but I have been published (no pay, unfortunately) here and there with the photos. Any income generated has come from magazine covers I shoot (portraits) for various clients that I design magazines for. And, of course I do the requisite “grip and grin” award shots for conventions and conferences. Not as thrilling a subject, but it pays for equipment to shoot the fun stuff sometimes!

I hope to change that in the near future with the garden photography—a subject near and dear to my heart—in case you hadn’t noticed! 🙂

9 05 2009

Thanks Cindy, I would love to join you for the photo workshop. 😀 But At the moment I’m in Abu Dhabi(capital of UAE). it will take me about 12 hours(approx.) of flying to get to your place. 😦
I gave it the blurry effect just to project the subject. It works well with distracting backgrounds. 🙂

10 05 2009

Hi WildBlack (Nivin),

Yeah, even if it’s a FREE workshop, a 12 hour flight would have been a bit excessive. 🙂

12 05 2009

Wonderful flower photos, they inspire me to get out in my own garden and capture it tomorrow. Thanks.

6 01 2010
Raymond A. Foss, Esq.

Absolutely beautiful. My blog is now up to 5,432 poems (as of 1/5/2010)

3 10 2011
Clint Rowley

Very vivid colors! I love it!

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